Paypal – DPRP is Disabled.

Let’s start from the beginning.
DPRP stands for DirectPayment Recurring Payments. It’s a module that enables you to have multiple payments, subscriptions and recurring payments with your shopping cart forms when using PayPal API integrated. For instance, we use PayPal with our favorite 3rd party form company, JotForm ( Been using them for YEARS, if not just about a decade soon!

Despite the fact that it’s a feature that should be enabled automatically when you signed up for PayPal’s legacy “Website Payments Pro” (PayPal 3.0) OR when you signed up for a new “Payments Pro” account (PayPal 2.0)
(why is the newer one 2.0 and the older one 3.0 is BEYOND me)…. 

You MUST enable this feature. Calling into customer support was a crazy amount of loops with some very informed amazingly helpful sales and customer support reps and OTHERS were trying to read the internal information/FAQs board and couldn’t find the answer. Was a frustrating experience to say the least.


Paid Memberships Pro
Big shout out to Paid Memberships Pro for their 2012 post!

Log into your PayPal account

Follow this link to a legacy page you’ll never find in search or posted online or on PayPal.
It’s an old link from 2012 or so to add the Recurring Payments feature onto your account.

This page will have you go through a checkout form to add Recurring payments to your account.

Screenshot of the SIGN UP page – what you’ll see when you click the above link!!!!!

SCREENSHOT of what you’ll see AFTER you agree. This will effectively remove the DPRP is Disabled
message and enable you to get started in accepting RECURRING PAYMENTS. Worked within minutes.



Picture 12


You’ll have a chance to download the full write-up of PayPal Policies by clicking here