BROEKMAN communications helps organizations find and professionalize their brand using savvy studio branding tactics, corporate marketing & pr initiatives, visionary creative services, and solid business development tools for companies looking to go to the next level.


As an expert in marketing, branding, advertising, social media, graphic design and website development, Jeremy trains corporate, entertainment industry, real estate, start-up and nonprofit C-suite and V-suite executives. Jeremy leads summits and seminars that show professionals how to launch successful marketing campaigns and manage effective promotions. He coaches and consults teams and individuals in the areas of business development, brand strategy and social media. Jeremy is a Spartan racer, charismatic connector and master networker. His presentations are highly motivational and energizing, showing teams how to overcome obstacles and develop a shared vision. Jeremy draws on his experience at Universal Television and Xerox Corporation to train senior managers of Fortune 500 companies.



We build successful brands.

Producing top notch design work and executing campaign concepts is just part of the big picture. With proper strategy, we tailor programs for your target audiences.

We make things happen with our infectious enthusiasm, our will for immediate action and our passion to serve.

We Tap creativity by getting into the heads of your leadership, management & marketing leaders through situation assessments, creative briefs, recon and research.

We then export your corporate identity while manifesting brand strategy & marketing/PR initiatives.

You walk away with a strategic creative platform / a visionary launch pad to drive your business.


“You are a man of your word. You have my real, sincere and total respect. I would recommend you to anybody. I think you are terrific. You’re the Navy Seal Team 6 of programmers/web designers!”
— John Brice, son of William Brice

“Jeremy is the best! He has completed most our promotional materials and done a great job over the past 5-7 years!”
– Danny Ross, Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc., Co-Owner

“I’ve known and worked w/Jeremy for more than a decade — first when he was earning his BA in history and then as an employee. Over the years Jeremy and I get together a few times annually. He is a serious, engaging and energetic individual — committed to delivering for his clients/employer.”
— Mark Bookman, Vice President, American Jewish University

“Jeremy knows how to take an idea and make it happen. He pays attention to the small details.”
– Lior. Aknin

“Jeremy Broekman is an experienced marketing and public relations professional who I had the pleasure of working with at Consensus Planning Group in downtown Los Angeles. Jeremy is dedicated and hardworking, and exhibits the true characteristics of both a leader and a team player. He values his clients and provides them with elite service and high quality work products.”
– Julia Brown

“Jeremy is a focused individual who does his homework and arrives prepared. He’s easy to talk to and communicates his ideas and information clearly. I look forward to working with him on future projects.”
– Bob Loza

Jeremy is adept at totaling understanding the situation at hand and adapting to it in a short time with no drama, negativity or futile attempts to prevent change. Fluent in modern business models, he understands the future in a practical way and knows how to lead others to it.”
– Michael Anderson 

I have known Mr. Broekman in a personal and professional capacity for nearly 16 years. He worked honestly and with much integrity as director of the University of Judaism (now American Jewish University) Alumni Association, and as an independent business person in recent years. He is a personal friend and an esteemed colleague, and I highly recommend his services and talent.”
— Seth Arkin 

Jeremy is the on top of things from A to Z. If you want success and your business to grow there is no better person suited for the job.”
– Desi Kepe

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Broekman on many projects throughout my career as a human resources professional. He is super duper sharp, extremely creative and an absolute BLAST to work with. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking a marketing/pr/creative director GURU.”
– Keren Lincove